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This is nothing short of awesome! For any person - beginner to the advanced these books are there to guide and advise. It allows you to experience your path. A must-read for any person wanting to learn, grow and awaken! This book offers you everything you need to become an expert dowser for yourself ENCHANTED MAGAZINE talking about The Complete Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing.

Thank you so much sharing your poetry on Wednesday it was much appreciated and enjoyed by all. BLACKBURN LIBRARY

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275 pages NOVEL
Coming Soon

Kent based Paranormal Investigator Om Darke is hired by a young entrepreneur by the name of Robyn Humphries who wants to know everything there is to know about the spirits haunting her bar in Dover. She makes Darke an offer he finds impossible to refuse. He’s under strict instructions from Robyn Humphries to only observe and definitely not exorcise any of her ghosts; Darke encounters an evil spirit in the cellar determined to cause him serious harm, but a promise is a promise...

Ghosts are Darke’s business; but he didn’t bargain for coming face to face with a deeply malevolent demon and finally finding himself in Scotland as honoured guest of a mysterious Count at his thousand year old gothic castle.

74 minutes Audiobook

Dean Fraser shows how evolving comes from living, making mistakes which are not really mistakes but learning, walking our talk and sometimes tripping up a few times before we finally get the message about what we need in order to grow - NEW DAWN MAGAZINE

All the stories featured on within this book are true. Only names have sometimes been changed to protect those concerned. Although some of these stories did first appear in other forms over the years, there are also a few previously unpublished stories finding their way into print for the first time. This whole experience of bringing together these stories to include in this book made me certain with more clarity than ever - project the right energy, think those great thoughts and we do always get exactly what we all need to grow as people.

219 pages DOWSING 
Coming Soon

I have shown over ten thousand people how to dowse over the last three decades; this book distils all my experience into the one set of covers. If there is one thing my dowsing experience has proved it is that when we are more in harmony with our intuition life will take on unimaginable new meaning, with personal growth becoming more organic with more experience.

Without your enjoyment of my books I would still write but it wouldn’t be anything like as much fun or personally rewarding.

350 pages MINDFULNESS £12.99 
5 hours 37 minutes Audiobook 

One of the most vital transformational techniques I teach is that if we want to keep ourselves on track, staying right there in the zone, it is essential to read, watch or listen to something personally inspiring each day. The energy we put out there in the Universe, what we programme our subconscious minds with through our conscious thoughts and experiences, makes the life we lead. Keep this central as part of your daily routine and my labour of love in writing this book will have fulfilled its mission. And remember anything you want from life that is literally physically possible in any way at all must by its nature become achievable, now here is the true essence of The Magic of Authentic Living!

79 pages POETRY
56 minutes Audiobook

My personal favourite of my own poetry collections. This one is lovely to perform live. Dedicated to this beautiful planet on which we all reside and in respect for the only vehicle we have to explore its wonders – our human body. Inspired by paganism, ancient folklore and the beauty of the natural landscape; amongst many others this collection contains my dare I say it, iconic poems The Jacket, The Old Straight Track and Linger a Little Longer. Transcending existing simply as a collection of poetry; these words touch something deep within us, stirring soul memories and opening all of our eyes just a little wider.

Coming Soon

Don’t you feel we all deserve better from life? I know I do and trust you feel the same way!

Yes, of course you and I deserve to live life to the full and enjoy every day whatever twists and turns it might take. To be true to our own ethics and morals. Have some fun, which might well cost absolutely nothing in hard cash, but is purely priceless. Now that is living! The more of us out there living fulfilled lives focused on those things which truly matter, the happier the collective group mind becomes.

Our individual happiness can never be bought through acquiring things; it is about you and I making the personal choice to live on our own terms every single day and right there is our real key to lasting happiness!

91 pages POETRY
74 minutes Music Album

Electronic music album layered with poetic messages of inspiration. These poems speak of peace and love as central to our existence. And cherishing this home we all share, our amazing planet. As a long-time advocate of the power of words to shape our reality these words speak from my heart directly to all of your hearts. It is about Love in every atom. In every action, every thought. That still point that is sought

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