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THE SPIRITS AT JIM'S BAR Paranormal Investigator Om Darke is hired by a young entrepreneur by the name of Robyn Humphries who wants to know everything there is to know about the spirits haunting her bar in Dover. She makes Darke an offer he finds impossible to refuse. He’s under strict instructions from Robyn Humphries to only observe and definitely not exorcise any of her ghosts. Darke encounters an evil spirit in the cellar determined to cause him serious harm, but a promise is a promise...
275 pages paperback 

Only names have sometimes been changed to protect those concerned. This whole experience of bringing together these stories to include in this book made me certain with more clarity than ever - project the right energy, think those great thoughts and we do always get exactly what we all need to grow as people.
138 pages paperback
115 minutes audiobook

 Poetry themed around industry and work. We meet a child mill worker from the 19th century. aAman’s desperate journey from Ireland to England in search of work in the 1920's. Dig down into the lives of mine workers down through the ages. Meet two people finding love against all the odds and across class divides hop picking in Kent. Walk alongside a bronze-age warrior  as he attempts to find some inner peace. Give gratitude to farmers feeding us down through the ages and discover why some of those farming folk first left their villages to Come Work in Our Factories three centuries ago.
84 pages paperback
46 minutes audiobook

Looking through the esoteric poetry and lyrics used to produce the music album, I can only feel deeply grateful it does fulfil what I lovingly set out to realise and dare I say a little more. Enjoy the experience of A Healing For Gaia! May it inspire all of you who really feel this book and album to find higher love within yourselves; to cherish the precious gift of this incarnation and revere the amazing home we all share - Mother Earth.
98 pages paperback
65 mins music album

Dedicated to this beautiful planet on which we all reside and in respect for the only vehicle we have to explore its wonders – our human body. Inspired by paganism, ancient folklore and the beauty of the natural landscape; amongst many others this collection contains Dean’s iconic poems The Jacket, The Old Straight Track and Linger a Little Longer. Transcending existing simply as a collection of poetry; these words touch something deep within us.
79 pages paperback
56 minutes audiobook

Manhattan. French Coast. Spain. Tenerife. Amsterdam. Calais. Edinburgh and Scotland. Wales. The Cities, Towns and Rural Heritage of the United Kingdom. I always see my stories as glimpses into moments of time, rather like seeds trapped in amber, windows offering a view into past events and places I have been. 
87 pages paperback
63 minutes audiobook

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