Inspirational Words To Help Keep on Keeping On

A few stream of consciousness thoughts...

One of he most vital transformational techniques I teach is that if we want to keep ourselves on track, staying right there in the zone, it is essential to read, watch or listen to something personally inspiring each day. 

The energy we put out there in the Universe, what we programme our subconscious minds with through our conscious thoughts and experiences, makes the life we lead. 

Keep this central as part of your daily routine and my labour of love in doing what I do will have fulfilled its mission. 


Words are like the gears that put any of our emotions or feelings into action in our lives.

Others you engage in conversation hear only a fraction of the entire catalogue of words you speak each day. You hear them all, every single word. You are the constant secret eavesdropper on all your private conversations, even those you have with yourself!


Some hold onto the excuse it’s just my karma” to validate their reasons for remaining static, they feel this is a good enough reason to stay exactly where they are. To be blunt, this is a poor excuse for inaction. 

And my word there are so many more awful personal excuses for inaction!

Proclamations along the lines of: 

  • Oh well, you know nobody in my family ever achieved much so I guess I’m just going to accept that I won’t either”
  • “I tried further education years ago when I left school as a teenager and when it didn’t work-out I felt like a failure, I’m sure never going to study anything new again”
  •  “It’s not my fault I wake every day lacking in any energy and motivation, it’s just my genes”
  • And then we have the classic “I’m too young, old, short, tall, unqualified, overqualified, beautiful, unattractive, unconventional, shy (delete as appropriate)!” 

Every single one of these are frankly garbage excuses to now throw right into the trash where they belong!

Before we leave excuses I absolutely need to share with you this one extra special gem of an excuse that I had said to me a few years ago and in all seriousness “well you know, I would love to stop smoking cigarettes, but I meditated on this and I now know God intends for me to be a smoker”. This woman really felt she had come up with the ultimate validation to keep right on doing things the way she always had. I mean what an excuse! Wow!!! 

The greatest martial artists practice controlled power – here is true empowerment. Any martial arts practitioner who uses only unchanneled aggression or worse still anger, is unlikely to stay the course. And it is precisely the same for us when we walk the path of our greatness.

It really is genuinely possible for any one of us to take the decision to live a more authentically real life. Never has the phrase Life Is All About the Attitude been more relevant.

Live authentically and you can expect to: 

  • Nurture trust in your intuition – it will not always seem to make logical sense to follow your gut instinct, but all of us would be wise to develop this habit.
  • Invest all your actions with unceasing amounts of passion and remain adaptable within your approaches along the way to ensure success, but still authentically true to your own personal life-plan.
  • Developing an empowered mindset, committing to see plans through to their conclusion.
  • Expect those you meet will have entered your life for a reason. To help you or for them to grow into the person necessary to manifesting goals.
  • See the opportunities in life’s challenging situations, those ones so many others do miss.
  • Staying mindfully in the moment to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Controlling the direction of your personal future by setting targets and finding ways to take some kind of action every day (however small) to achieve them.
  • Realising how a few simple adjustments in lifestyle can dramatically reduce stress and the likelihood of developing serious health issues. 

Not everything is going to go as smoothly as we anticipated every single day, this happens to allow us to learn. An empowered mindset ensures we keep on going anyway and never get distracted or give away personal power by starting to feel sorry for ourselves. The best way to improve our reality is to take personal responsibility for our own life and then get out there to make those changes we want for ourselves. 

Anyone, no matter who they are or what circumstances they might currently live in, can turn things around to make their life more empowered and live a more authentic lifestyle…


Our health, happiness and financial reality are all reactions to the messages we are constantly sending out about ourselves and receiving from others. 

This energy helping us to become our own walking talking living breathing manifestation of how exactly we ought to look and the life we should lead. For better or unfortunately all too often for worse!

For sure this can all be different though…radically different. That word choice comes into play once more.

Through much of our journey together my goal is specifically aimed at breaking down any of your unconscious self-limitation habits - to instead place you right there in the pole position of deciding where your life goes.

It seems almost too obvious to state that feeling good about YOU is vital for happiness and living beyond any possible self-imposed limitation! Yet many of us do run programmes forward into our lives which achieve anything but that desired outcome.

Think of people you know. Do those who moan and complain all the time come across as brilliantly happy examples of humanity? 

Or the professional cynic, expletively going through life mocking others and exhibiting sarcasm, do they seem full of joy? 

Are those who fixate on illness usually healthy?

At the other end of the scale, how about those teachers at high-school who always seemed to have a ready smile and were encouragingly inclusive with the pupils in their class, perhaps you met at least one of these educational gems on your journey through school? These teachers rarely had to discipline students as they were all too engaged with learning, and everyone felt better for attending their lessons. 

Or how about the neighbour who is genuinely interested in what we have to say, never gossips, and laughs along with our jokes, don’t you feel good for passing a few moments with them? These guys are happy people, sure they have their share of issues like all of us, yet they choose to face the day with a smile and pleasant words. 


Mindset is everything and the apparent limitation of a comfort zone might well turn out to have been a mirage after all, once you and I choose to do something awesome and embrace one of those slightly scary new experiences.

Thought patterns get hard-wired into the neural pathways in our brains. The more we practise something the better we get at doing it. Yet, unfortunately not all these neural pathways work in our own best interests. They become a self-limiting way of life and usually it takes a wake-up call for us to transform away from these patterns and form a new neural pathway or paradigm. We need to remain grateful for these, even if they lead to the dismantling of our current way of life, it is only to allow something far more incredible to enter our lives instead!

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